Transform from BNC To XXXX

ADP-BB311             - BNC Male to BNC Male

ADP-BB312            - BNC Male to BNC Female

ADP-BB322            - BNC Female to BNC Female

ADP-BB412            - BNC Male to BNC Female 90D Right Angle

ADP-BB5212         - BNC "T" Female to Male    (No specification yet)

ADP-BB5222         - BNC "T" Female to Female  (No specification yet)

ADP-BB722            - BNC Female to BNC Female Bulkhead (No specification yet)

ADP-BM312           - BNC Male to Mini UHF Female

ADP-BM321           - BNC Female to Mini UHF Male

ADP-BN312            - BNC Male to N Female

ADP-BM321            - BNC Female to N Male

ADP-BN322            - BNC Female to N Female

ADP-BR321             - BNC Female to  RCA Male        (No specification yet)

ADP-BS321             - BNC Female to SMA Male

ADP-BS322             - BNC Female to SMA Female

ADP-BT311             - BNC Male to TNC Male

ADP-BT312             - BNC Male to TNC Female    (No specification yet)

ADP-BT321             - BNC Female to TNC Male

ADP-BT322             - BNC Female to TNC Female

ADP-BU311             - BNC Male to UHF Male

ADP-BU312            - BNC Male to UHF Female

ADP-BU321            - BNC Female to UHF Male

ADP-BU322            - BNC Female to UHF Female (No specification yet)

ADP-BW312B        - BNC Male to Single 4mm Plug- Black (No specification yet)

ADP-BW312R        - BNC Male to  Single 4mm Plug- Red (No specification yet)

ADP-BX311             - BNC Male to Twin 4mm Plug   (No specification yet)

ADP-BX321             - BNC Female to  Twin 4mm Plug    (No specification yet)

ADP-BY312             - BNC Male to Twin 4mm Female (No specification yet)

ADP-BY322             - BNC Female to Twin 4mm Female (No specification yet)